Bonhams; There's No Place Like Hollywood
Cowardly Lion costume from the Wizard of Oz. Sold for US$ 3,077,000.

The Cowardly Lion's Witch Remover from The Wizard of Oz. est US$ 125,000 - 175,000

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1939. Poster for the very first re-release in 1949 features images of Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr and Jack Haley. Sold for US$ 4,000.

A Munchkin fiddler's jacket from The Wizard of Oz. Sold for US$ 10,000.

A Munchkin soldier's jacket from The Wizard of Oz. Sold for US$ 23,750.

A Winkie spear head from The Wizard of Oz. Sold for US$ 12,500 inc. premium.
A Clark Gable riding jacket from Gone With the Wind. Sold for US$ 50,000

Casablanca. Sold for US$ 10,625
The piano from Casablanca on which Sam plays "As Time Goes By" Sold for US$ 3,413,000.

A café chair from Rick's Café Américain in Casablanca. Sold for US$ 5,000
A production-made passport for Ilsa Lund. Sold for US$ 43,750
The 1940 Buick Phaeton automobile from Casablanca. Sold for US$ 461,000

Casablanca. Sold for US$ 20,000
Aragorn's sword Andúril, made for Viggo Mortensen, from Lord of the Rings: The Return Of The King. Sold for US$ 437,000.

Saruman's wizard staff used by Sir Christopher Lee in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Sold for US$ 125,000

A Batman suit worn by Val Kilmer and a Riddler suit worn by Jim Carrey from the movie Batman Forever. The suits are each valued around $40,000

The full body radio-controlled figure used in 'Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines' which stood in for Arnold Schwarzenegger. $40,000

The prop gun used by Harrison Ford in Blade Runner. $100,000

Hugh Jackman's claws used in his role as Wolverine in X-Men: The Last Stand $30,000

This original stop-motion animation puppet from the movie Mars Attacks $8,000

The purple dress worn by Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean: $ 10,000

Richard Burton's costume from "Cleopatra." $ 20,000

The belt and costume worn by Michael Jackson during the filming of the video for the song Bad. $ 40,000

Captain America Auction. Lot #154 Captain America Hero Suit $233,700

The Superman outfit worn by Christopher Reeve in the 1978 film “Superman: The Movie”. $ 75,000

Russell Crowe’s chest armour from the legendary movie Gladiator $58,425

The costume worn by Robert Patrick in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, with chrome metal hook arms. $ 7,000

Matthew Broderick's leather jacket from Ferris Bueller's Day Off $ 10,000

Predator 2 costume and animatronic head $ 80,000

Original "Balok" Puppet Head from Star Trek: The Original Series (NBC-TV, 1966-69) $ 25,000

Judy Garland's costume from "The Wizard of Oz." $ 480,000

Claude Raines' costume from "Casablanca." $ 55,000

Aragorn's sword Andúril, made for Viggo Mortensen, from Lord of the Rings: The Return Of The King. $437,000.
Saruman's wizard staff used by Sir Christopher Lee in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Sold for $125,000

Ripley's flamethrower Alien $ 40,000
Screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz's "Rosebud" sled, gifted to him at the conclusion of principal photography for Citizen Kane

US$ 100,000 - 200,000

Laurel and Hardy suits from "Air Raid Wardens"

A fertility idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Sold for US$ 16,250
1979 Triumph Bonneville from "An Officer and a Gentleman"

US$ 13,000 - 15,000

Johnny Depp hat from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Sold for US$ 15,000

Original T-800 Endoskeleton from Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Estimated auction value: $US100,000 – $US200,000

Leonard Nimoy’s “Spock” Tunic from Star Trek: The Original Series
Estimated auction value: $US80,000 – $US120,000.

Johnny 5 from Short Circuit 2
Estimated auction value: $US100,000 – $US200,000.

“Facehugger” from Aliens
Estimated auction value: $US20,000 – $US30,000.

10 Commandments tablets from The 10 Commandments
Estimated auction value: $US60,000 – $US80,000.

Chewbacca headpiece. $172,000

C-3PO droid helmet from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi $70,000.

The Ruby Slippers worn by Judy Garland in "The Wizard of Oz". $2 million.

Batman cowl from Batman Begins. $20,000

Jor-El costume from Superman: The Movie, $40,000; a Martian from Mars Attacks! and a Jaffa costume from Stargate SG-1. $11,000.

Wolverine’s black leather battle suit from X-Men. $70,000

Lightsaber in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back $175,000.

United Planets Cruiser C-57D flying saucer miniature pictured in 1956 classic Forbidden Planet. $100,000
The Madoff Auctions
In late 2010, two years after he was first arrested for an $ 18 billion Ponzi scheme, Madoff possessions hit the auction market.

Thousands of belongings from his New York City penthouse, including his used shoes, went on the auction block.
An anonymous bidder paid $550,000, for a 10.5-carat diamond engagement ring that belonged to Madoff's wife, Ruth.

Ruth Madoff's French diamond earrings fetched the next highest price. They went for $135,000.
The man who became a symbol of greed and deceit on Wall Street had a lavish collection of watches. One of his vintage steel Rolex "Moon Phase" watches sold for $67,500. The watch was part of Madoff's 40-plus watch collection that also included 16 other Rolexes.

U.S. marshals seized everything in the Madoffs' Manhattan apartment and Long Island beach house: worn socks, new monogrammed boxer shorts, even the used Italian velveteen slippers bearing the initials "BLM" in gold embroidery.
Madoff's mini fleet of boats were auction stars. A restored 55-foot Rybovich yacht named Bull fetched $700,000. Madoff's former 38-foot Shelter Island sport runabout, named Sitting Bull, went for $320,000. And the 24-foot Maverick center console he dubbed Little Bull got a winning bid of $21,000.

A black 1999 Mercedes-Benz CLK 320 convertible that belonged to Madoff's wife, Ruth, went for $30,000.
Madoff's 4,000-square-foot duplex Manhattan penthouse sold for $8m, and a 8,750-square-foot home in Palm Beach $7.4m. Madoff's Montauk beach home sold for $9.4m
Morrell Wine Auctions auctioned off 262 bottles of wine and liquor that had been seized by federal authorities from Madoff's mansion in Palm Beach.

The collection sold for over $41,500.
While Bernard Madoff serves a 150-year prison term in South Carolina, five former employees were found guilty of conspiracy on Monday, March 24 2014. A jury ruled they had for years helped conceal his massive Ponzi scheme.

The verdicts are the first jury convictions since Madoff’s $20bn scam was exposed six years ago, and come after a trial that lasted nearly six months. One defendant, Annette Bongiorno, worked for Madoff for 40 years as his secretary and at one point had as much as $50m in her accounts. Bongiorno, 65, had multi-million dollar homes in Long Island and Florida and drives a Mercedes worth $100,000.
Christies' - Out Of The Ordinary Auction

First printing concert poster Grateful Dead, Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, 1966, more commonly known as the Skull and Roses. Est £6,000 – £9,000
On September 10, Christie’s South Kensington will host the third annual Out of the Ordinary auction, celebrating all things extraordinary and unusual. This auction presents collectors with a wealth of unique and fascinating items.

A framed mosaic of the lunar surface. NASA Lunar Orbiter V, 1967. The view of the lunar crater Copernicus formed of 24 silver gelatin prints. Est £30,000 – £50,000

A Life-size prototype of a gorilla. Dr. Louis Thomas Jérôme Auzoux, circa 1863 made from articulated papier-mâché parts. Est £80,000 – £120,000

A mutoscope reel machine, 'What the butler missed." Circa 1930'S The painted sheet iron drum containing flip-book cards operating by a brass handle and coin in the slot mechanism. Est £2,000 – £4,000

A brass-mounted oak 'TEST YOUR STRENGTH' punching bag machine. CIRCA 1930S. Est £5,000 – £8,000

Ethan Hunt's CIA suspension suit from MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE 1996. A rubber headset and black rimmed glasses, latex surgical gloves, black canvas jacket, t-shirt and jogging bottoms, black lace-up boots. Est £5,000 – £7,000

A chastity belt, (girdle of Venus) Entirely of iron, formed of two pierced plates hinged in the center, the front plate with serrated border to the principle opening, each bordered by small lining-holes, with hinged waist-band, and secured by a bar and spherical padlock. 19th century. Est £700 – £1,000

A pair of fossilized giant deer antlers. CIRCA 10,500-5,700 B.C. Est £15,000 – £25,000

Fossilized scallops. Southern France. From the Miocene (23-5 million years ago). Est. £6,000 – £9,000

Exceptionally preserved Plesiosaur skull from the Middle Jurassic (circa 165 million years ago) Est £60,000 – £90,000

Two Janapense carved nut 'demon' head ashtrays. Meiji period (1868-1912) Each ashtray modelled as open mouthed demon, with inset mother-of-pearl eyes and bone teeth. Est £600 – £800

A silver replica of American football helmet. 1993.

A William IV silver-gilt cigarette box. 1836. inscribed, 'To Edmund Cork with affection and gratitude for his help and friendship over many years from Agatha Christie April 1959' Est £4,000 – £6,000

A rare Beatles portable four-speed record player, 1964, the blue case with hinged lid decorated with a colour portrait of the Beatles. Est £2,000 – £4,000

A Japanese blue-laced armour. 20TH CENTURY. The do-maru type armour with a thirty plate ridged helmet with gilt stylised horns. Est £3,000 – £5,000

A Murano glass bowl. Second half of the 20TH century. Est £1,500 – £2,500
Action Comics No. 1. Price: $1.5 Million

1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa ($12 Million)

Marilyn Monroe Dress $1.26m

A massive, partly fossilized egg laid by a now-extinct elephant bird sold for more than $100,000.

The violin that played during the final hours of the sinking of the Titanic. $1.7 million.

Vintage model Rolex from 1942. It was one of just 12 created, and only eight still in existence. It sold at auction for $1.16 million.

Qianlong Vase. It took just 30 minutes for bidders to snap up this 18th century Chinese vase to a massive $53 million.

Artemis and the Stag. Curators predicted the 2,000-year-old bronze piece would fetch $7 million. Instead it became the most expensive relic ever sold when it commanded $28.6 million.

'World's Oldest' Champagne: $43,630. The bottle of Veuve Clicquot sold on June 3, 2011. In July 2010, divers off the Finnish coast discovered 145 bottles of wine and champagne that had gone down with the ship, a two-masted schooner which ran aground in 1830.

Recently, teenage sensation Justin Bieber got a stylish hair cut and delivered his hair to Ellen Degeneres, who put it on eBay for auctioning. Price: $40,668

Custer's Last Flag: $2,210,500. The flag was discovered by Sergeant Ferdinand Culbertson, one of the burial party after the bloody battle.

Billy the Kid Photo: $2.3 million. Sometimes referred to as "the Holy Grail of photography" this 130-year-old tintype of infamous outlaw Billy the Kid sold on June 25, 2011.

9ft-long intact Triceratops fossil. $1.8 million

1929 Al Capone Signed Booking Document. $10,000

Elvis Presley's soiled underwear sold for $8,000
It took 8 minutes to set the record price for a piece of art sold at auction. On May 4, 2010 Christie's sold Pablo Picasso's Nude, Green Leaves and Bust, a painting created in one day in 1932, for $106.5m. The painting is of Picasso's lover Marie-Therese Walter.

In 2004 Picasso's Boy with a Pipe (The Young Apprentice), sold for $104.1m.

“The Scream,” Edvard Munch (1895) Sold May 2012. $119.9m.

1949 Oyster Perpetual model Rolex with a cloisonné enamel dial, $ 1.2m

“Dora Maar au Chat”, Pablo Picasso (1941). Picasso’s portrait of his mistress with a cat on her shoulder. Sold May 2006. $105.4m.
Marilyn Monroe's "Happy Birthday Mr. President" Dress. $1,267,500

When Marilyn Monroe delivered a sultry "Happy Birthday" serenade to President John F. Kennedy on May 19, 1962, the blonde bombshell wore a flesh-colored, curve-hugging, jewel-encrusted dress so tight and sheer that, according to legend, Monroe was sewn into.
Bartolomeo Giuseppe Antonio Guarnieri was the grandson of one of Stradivari's apprentices, and it was his instrument that broke the world record for the highest-priced violin at auction. $3.9 million. The 250-year-old violin is one of only 250 Guarnieri instruments that survive.

1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa. There are only 21 other cars like it. $12.2 million.

Items belonging to a police officer involved in the Jack the Ripper murders case in 1888 have sold at auction for more than five times their estimate. £17,700.

Game-used jersey from AFL Legacy game in 2009. $16,698

Jeff Koons’ stainless-steel “Balloon Dog (Orange)” sold for $58.4m
Napoleon’s Good Luck Charm was commissioned it in 1800 after his return from his Egyptian campaign. Its possible the talisman was lost in the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. During his hasty retreat from the battlefield, his abandoned personal carriage was capture by a Prussian major.

Napoleon’s sphinx was dug up just after WWII in Noordwijk in the Netherlands, around 200 km from the Waterloo Battlefield. It is now in a private collection. $ 2m.
Yankees first baseman Lou Gehrig's autographed and inscribed glove. $287,000.

Most Expensive Sculpture - L’Homme qui marche I. Price: $104.3m

CURTISS JENNY Center Inverted 1918 $200,000

180.4 kg giant bluefin tuna sold for 4.51 million yen ($49,000).

1936 Mercedes Benz 540K Special Roadster: $11.7m
Huguette Clark Auctions
Auction house Christie's sold off the many expensive, Old World furnishings and artworks of copper heiress Huguette Clark, the famously cloistered woman who, when she died at the age of 104 in 2011, left behind a fortune exceeding $300M.

Huguette Clark was the daughter of the late Senator William A. Clark of Montana and a reclusive American heiress. She died with no direct descendents.
A Monet painting that hung in the Fifth Avenue apartment that Huguette Clark abandoned for twenty years sold at auction for $27 million.

'Water Lilies' Monet's 1907 rendition of his beloved garden in Giverny, France, went to an undisclosed Asian buyer.

This diamond ring made $2.7m.

18th-century mantel clock. $150,000.

George II wing chair dates back to 1730 and is expected to fetch $50,000.

19th-century French "bureau à cylindre". $50,000 and $80,000

18th-century "Greenish-White Jade Dish" is estimated to rake in between $80,000 and $120,000.

Dressing table made of tulipwood, satine, sycamore, and fruitwood, the piece hails from 19th-century Paris and boasts three oval mirrors above a kidney-shaped table. $50,000.

Cammode from 19th-century Paris. The mahogany and tulipwood piece, topped with marble. $15,000.
In April 2012 the jewels of eccentric heiress Huguette Clark were put under the hammer at Christie’s New York.

Huguette Clark was heir to a copper empire and lived the last 30 years of her life in various New York hospitals until her death at age 104. Her jewels were believed to have been kept in a vault unseen since the 1940s.

The collection of seventeen items brought $ 20.8m but the star was the 9 carat Pink Diamond which sold for $ 15.7m.

Belle Epoque cushion-cut, fancy vivid purplish pink diamond ring from the estate of Huguette M. Clark sold for $15.7 million.


"A long-lost relative of the reclusive and eccentric New York heiress Huguette Clark, who stood to inherit $19 million of her $300 million fortune has been found dead from hypothermia in rural Wyoming.

Timothy Henry Gray's body was discovered by children sledding under a Union Pacific Railroad overpass in Evanston, in the southwest of the state on Thursday, as the temperatures hit 10 degrees.

Gray, 60, was the half great-nephew of Clark, who died in May 2011 aged 104.

The heiress had not visited Bellosguardo in Santa Barbara, California since the 1950s
Huguette Clark left no money to her relatives and lived as a recluse in New York City hospitals until her death. Her palatial properties across the country sat unused for decades.
"The last Fifth Avenue apartment belonging to the late reclusive and eccentric heiress Huguette Clark is now for sale for $7.2 million.

The final piece of the eighth floor of 907 Fifth Avenue owned by the daughter of copper baron multimillionaire, William Andrews Clark, went on sale on April 5. It is said to have been used exclusively for Huguette Clark's dolls.

Speaking to NBC, Mr Baeyens said: 'She didn't want to go out. She didn't want to have beautiful things. She just wanted to be home and play with her dolls.' Clark collected dolls obsessively and her vast real estate holdings were filled with them.

The legendary 1890 $1,000 Treasury Note, popularly referred to as the "Grand Watermelon note," became the most valuable banknote in existence when it sold for $3,290,000, Jan. 10, 2014.

It's known as the 'Grand Watermelon' due to the large zeroes on the back of the bill. It was estimated to be worth $2 million. The last time this note was at auction was 1970, when it brought $11,000.

1863 $1,000 Legal Tender. PCGS Fine 15. $881,250
The 1880 $4 Coiled Hair Stella is six grams of pure gold and was never released in circulation. The coin was designed when there was a push in the United States for its own international coinage to enable easier trade with Europe. Congress rejected the initiative, but not before a handful were produced.

It is believed that no more than 10 to 15 exist. The coin made $2.75 million in late 2013.
A 1787 Brasher Gold Doubloon brought $4.58 million on Jan. 9, 2014.

A 1913 Liberty Nickel, "The Hawaii Five-O Specimen" brought $3.29 million at the same auction.
The blaster pistol belonging to Harrison Ford's "Star Wars" character Han Solo in "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi".

The prop, based on a Mauser C96 pistol, changed hands for $ 200,000.
Lucille Ball's signature Lucy Ricardo black and white polka-dot dress worn on "I Love Lucy" sold at auction on July 30, 2013.

The estimated price was $40,000 - $60,000 ... it sold for $168,000.
An Apple 1 prototype computer, built in 1976, accompanied by an operation manual and schematic as well as a photo of its inventors, Steve Wozniak, left, and Steve Jobs.

One of the very first Apple 1 computers. An Apple-1 sold for $671,000 in May 2013 in Germany.
A Jean-Michel Basquiat painting titled "Dustheads" set a new auction record for the graffiti artist at a sale of postwar and contemporary art in New York.

Christie's says "Dustheads" sold for $48.8 million on May 15, 2013.