Monday 2 October 2023

The last Argyle pink diamonds tender

Mining ceased at Argyle, and the 2021 Argyle pink diamonds tender was the final collection of diamonds. 70 diamonds weighed 81.63 carats. Five ‘hero’ diamonds included the 1.79 ct Argyle Stella, a square radiant shaped fancy vivid purplish pink diamond, the 2.03 ct Argyle Lumiere, a square radiant shaped fancy deep pink diamond, the 2.05 ct Argyle Solaris, a radiant shaped fancy intense pink diamond, and the Argyle Bohème, a 1.01 ct radiant shaped fancy red diamond.
The collection was headlined by the Argyle Eclipse, a 3.47 ct diamond that is the largest fancy intense pink diamond ever offered at the tender. 41 lots are Argyle blue diamonds, weighing 24.88 ct in total.

Argyle Boheme™ 1.01 carat Fancy Red I2 Radiant Cut. One of only two coveted fancy red diamonds offered in this final tender.