Sunday, 11 December 2022

13.15 carat pink diamond hot

A 13.15 carat diamond that was pulled from an auction was reportedly stolen and lead authorities to a psychic who said the jewel needed to be "cleansed." The pink diamond, which has an estimated value of between $25m and $35m, was set to be a part of Christie’s New York auction. The gem was stolen in an elaborate $90m jewelry heist that involved an employee of a wealthy resident of Doha, Qatar. The employee allegedly sent the jewels to a man claiming to be a psychic named John Lee living in Florida and New Jersey to have them “cleansed.” Lee was arrested and charged with wire fraud, mail fraud, and interstate transportation of stolen goods. The diamond dealer asked for a private viewing because he was suspicious of its ownership. The dealer confirmed that the diamond belonged to the person in Doha. Federal agents immediately took possession of the diamond.