Friday, 25 December 2020

Melo pearl

Melo pearls are large and non-nacreous, and are found naturally in the Melo Melo sea snail. Pearls fall into one of two varieties, nacreous and non-nacreous. Nacreous pearls are formed out of the material nacre and generally have a high luster. Non-nacreous pearls are generally less valuable with some exceptions. Melo pearls are one.
Most pearls in jewelry are cultured by farmers under controlled conditions, but there are some natural pearls whose origins can’t be created. The Melo Melo pearl is among them, making them extremely valuable. Melo Melo pearls can take decades to grow to significant size.
The Melo Melo is found in Southeast Asia, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, the South China Sea and the Philippines.