Saturday 31 August 2019

Jewelry design award winners

Mark Schneider

Luke Rose

Susan Drake

Nina Koutibashvili

James Currens

Karl Williams

Antonio Bernardo

Lisa Krikawa

Matthew Ely

Bernhard Burkard

Friday 30 August 2019

Top Private Jewel Collections at Auction

A 32.08-carat Burmese ruby and diamond ring by Chaumet sold for $4.62m. The ring came up for auction again in 2012 and made $6,736,750.
Jewels of Luz Milo Patiño, Countess du Boisrouvray – $31.2m. The collection included rubies, diamonds, pearls, emeralds and sapphires of the finest cuts and quality, as well as her other inherited family possessions, ranging from pre-Columbian gold artifacts to antique furniture, silver, Faberge carved animals, tableware and artwork.
The jewels sold for $31.2 million in 1989, an auction record at the time for any single-owner sale of jewelry in the United States and second only to the 1987 Windsor sale.

“The Gulf Pearl Parure”, a natural pearl and diamond parure by Harry Winston made $4,189,165
The Royal House Sale – $31.3m. A collection of the finest jewelry and watches totaling 317 lots, from an anonymous royal house in 2006, included a selection of natural pearls and diamonds pieces created by the world’s major jewelers.

The collection of Mrs. Lily Safra: $37.9m. A Brazilian philanthropist who amassed a fortune through 4 marriages hosted an auction of 70 pieces from her personal jewelry collection for charity in May 2012. Highlights included a ruby Camellia brooch by JAR, which sold for $4.3m and a tourmaline and diamond flower brooch by JAR, which brought $ 1.2m.

Cartier Paris, 1949. Platinum, white gold; Single-cut diamonds; two pear-shaped yellow diamonds, one 152.35-carat Kashmir sapphire cabochon.
The Jewels of the Duchess of Windsor $50.3m . The sale of the jewels of the Duchess of Windsor in 1987 at Sotheby’s set numerous auction records. The Duchess had famously lured King Edward of England away from his throne in favor of marrying her. Through their 35-year marriage, the Duke showered his wife with custom made jewels from the world’s major jewelry houses.
Elizabeth Taylor amassed a collection of jewels unlike anything the world had ever seen. The collection sold at Christies in New York in late 2011 for $137,235,575. The jewelry included spectacular pieces by Bvlgari, David Webb, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and many pieces by JAR.

The headliner was La Peregrina, a 16th century pear necklace which sold for $11,842,500.

Thursday 29 August 2019

2014 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender

Rio Tinto’s iconic Argyle pink diamonds tender for 2014 comprised 55 diamonds, including 51 pink and purplish-red diamonds and four fancy red diamonds.

The star of the 2014 tender was The Argyle Cardinal, a radiant cut, 1.21 carat, Fancy Red diamond.
Other diamonds headlining the 2014 collection were the Argyle Rosette which is a 2.17 carat fancy intense purple-pink emerald cut diamond and the Argyle Toki which is a 1.59 carat fancy intense purplish-pink emerald-cut diamond.

Wednesday 28 August 2019

$10 to find diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park

Hollingshead was asked to name the diamond, which she called the Caro Avenger.Miranda Hollingshead's two kids were all over it but diamonds were illusive. Tiring of the hunt she did what comes naturally to those who need guidance:YouTube. Whilst getting advice she looked over her phone and saw something glitter. “I was like, ‘Oh, that’s shiny,’” she says. Then she realized: “Oh, my God, that’s a diamond.” It was a 3.72-carat yellow diamond, the largest registered at the park since 2017.
See ----->Crater of Diamonds State Park

Tuesday 27 August 2019

The salt-and-pepper diamond

For those that trend toward the 'alternative aesthetic' and at highly reasonable prices behold the salt-and-pepper diamond. There may be turmoil in the regular diamond supply chain but not for fashion forward types. The four Cs—cut, color, clarity, carat don't apply the same way and terms like “flaws” and “inclusions” are embraced. In the most simple terms, a salt-and-pepper diamond is a diamond with inclusions.
Once considered undesirable, times have changed. Brides-to-be have piled onto one of the hottest trends in engagement rings.

Sunday 25 August 2019

Van Cleef & Arpels - Romeo and Juliet collection

William Shakespeare’s 1597 tragedy of ill-fated love is the focus of the high jewellery collection. The collection of 100 one-off jewels captures literature's two most famous lovers. The couple first made an appearance at Van Cleef & Arpels in 1951.