Thursday, 6 June 2019

Mahenge umbalite

Umbalite is a member of the pyrope garnet family, a mix of pyrope and almandine garnet with trace amounts of spessartine. Its name is derived from Tanzania's Umba Valley, where it was first discovered in 1978.
Discovered in late 2015, Mahenge Umbalite is from deposits near Mahenge in the Ulanga District of Tanzania’s Morogoro Region. Mining of this rare gemstone has been very irregular since its discovery.

Due to umbalite’s rarity, they are highly prized by gem collectors.
With a unique range of color, from purplish-pink to purple and orange-pink, Mahenge umbalite went from being an outcast stone to one of the most coveted garnets on the market today.

Mahenge umbalite is a rare stone. Mahenge umbalite ranges in color from a purplish-pink to deep purple. Orange-pinks have also been found.

Compared to rhodolite garnet, its closest cousin, umbalite features less red blush, resulting in a cooler colored stone, a result of the trace amounts of spessartine.
Umbalite has excellent fire and dispersion. With a Mohs hardness around seven to seven and a half, umbalite is ideal for daily wear jewelry. Round and oval shapes are the most popular for faceting.

Mahenge umbalite is not treated in any way.