Wednesday, 21 November 2018

2018 AGTA Spectrum Awards™

Omi Prive. 18K rose gold ring featuring three Padparadscha SapphiresBella Campbell. “Phoenix Feathers” earrings featuring Mexican fire Opals (2.19 ctw.) accented with Rubies (4.93 ctw.) and Diamonds (.56 ctw.) Swapna Pinnamaneni. “The Dancer” brooch featuring a 2.75 ct. Tanzanite accented with yellow Diamonds (2.75 ctw.), Rubies (14.36 ctw.)
Joseph Ambalu. Ring featuring a 7.16 ct. untreated Russian Emerald.Niveet Nagpal. 10.23 ct. cuprian Tourmaline accented with Diamonds (2.57 ctw.) Paraiba Tourmalines (1.54 ctw.)Gross Currens. Platinum ring featuring a 20.26 ct. cushion-cut unheated yellow Sapphire
Adam Neeley. "Halryon" ring featuring a 19.14 ct. Zircon.Pheap Lorn. Ring featuring a 15ct. green Tourmaline Caroline Chartouni. Ring featuring a 4.50 ct. blue Spinel accented with Diamonds (2.98 ctw.)