Friday, 17 November 2017

Most Expensive Meal in the World

A super luxury dining experience, served with a blue diamond ring, was sold to Ville Oehman, a cryptocurrency expert and founder of jewellery brand V Diamonds.

Later this year, Oehman is going to launch an initial coin offering (ICO) – a concept similar to initial public offering – to sell the diamond ring. In other words Oehman is giving away the experience (without the ring) to one of those with a stake in the ICO.
A meal at Singapore’s Ce La Vi restaurant has been dubbed as the most expensive in the world – a whopping $2 million. For that money the personalized, diamond studded chopsticks worth $17,000 per pair are yours to keep.

The gold-plated chopsticks are set with 4-carat round diamonds. But there's more. The buyer will get luxury rides – including a helicopter and cruise – leading them to the dining venue at Marina Bay Sands Hotel and a 2-carat blue diamond ring in rose-gold at the end of the meal.
To make it a truly personalized experience, even the furniture will be custom-made, and to finish the night with a bang, fireworks will accompany a Louis XIII de Rémy Martin cognac when the ring is presented.

Very naturally Ce La Vi will be closed to the unwashed peons and the lucky couple will be dining in complete, well heeled, privacy.