Friday, 1 December 2017

Coloured Gems keep shining for Investors

Marquee sales have drawn attention to an auction category that was once driven more by trade insiders than by private collectors. As has happened with other asset classes, prices are driven higher by an extremely limited commodity supply. A decade ago, a buyer could have bought a vivid blue diamond for $200,000 to $300,000 per carat; today, that stone will fetch $2 million to $3 million per carat.

Another emerging category is high-end contemporary designers whose one-of-a-kind pieces are compared to collectible art.

Moussaieff 3.98-carat fancy vivid blue diamond ring. $9m in May.
Christie’s sold a 5-carat Burmese ruby in May for nearly $13 million. It would have sold for $2 million 15 years ago.

In 2015 the Burmese 'Sunrise Ruby', weighing in at an astonishing 25.59 carats, sold for $ 30m.