Monday, 14 August 2017

2017 American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) Spectrum Awards

Mikola Kukharuk of Nomad’s with a pair of neon blue tourmalines (53.56 ctw.)
The AGTA Spectrum Awards is for jewelry designers and artists who create jewelry with colored gems. The AGTA Cutting Edge Awards is for skilled lapidary artists and technicians to show their skill at cutting, polishing and sculpting colored gems. Both competitions are sponsored by the American Gem Trade Association.

Allen Kleiman, platinum and 18k pink gold earrings with unheated pink sapphire
The AGTA Spectrum and Cutting Edge Awards is the most prestigious colored gemstone competition in the world.

Brett Kosnar, - 24.26 ct. round, Portuguese-cut rhodochrosite.

Ardeshir Dabestani, necklace featuring a 436-carat citrine accented with aquamarines (44.50 ctw), yellow beryls (87.30 ctw) and diamonds (23.54ctw)

Christopher Wolfsbergwith a 32.75-carat specialty-cut quartz with chrysoprase and opal.

Joel Price with a 100.66-carat harlequin pattern black opal