Thursday, 15 June 2017

Pasquale Bruni - Jewelry with Soul

The House of Pasquale Bruni was established in 1997. Today it is a family-run company. Bruni's daughter, Eugenia, runs the creative department and his son, Alessandro, serves as managing director. Their roles are characterized as interchangeable, where cooperation helped transform it into an international brand.

All Pasquale Bruni jewelry is produced in Valenza, Italy’s gold district. This is where long-standing tradition merges with modern design techniques to produce jewelry bearing soul. The idea behind Pasquale Bruni jewelry is a reflection of shape, poetry, mystery, and a love song that breathes life into it. Each piece is a small work of art that reveals glimpses of history, conveys beauty, and encapsulates sentiment.
This year’s collection is highlighted by Mandala, which blossoms from the lotus flower. It’s the power of color, fused with an intimate and fascinating light and a labyrinth of emotions from which one emerges full of regenerative energy and the fascinating warmth of light. The Hindu mantra—Om mani padme hum—is reflected in these alluring jewels to signify a gem amidst the lotus flower, and helps attain the purer light and energy of love.