Monday, 27 February 2017

Firefox Diamond a Star at Smithsonian

The 187.7-carat Foxfire diamond from N.W.T.'s Diavik mine is the largest diamond ever found in North America. It has been enjoying a marquee run at the Smithsonian, the most popular museum in the United States.

Found at the Diavik diamond mine in 2015, the gem was sold for an undisclosed amount last year.

The glow likely has to do with trace amounts of nitrogen contained within the diamond.
The owner of the diamond has loaned it to the Smithsonian, to study and display to the public, until April.

One way to examine the physical properties of a diamond is to bathe it in ultraviolet light. It was found the Firefox carries a strong blue fluorescence. When UV light was removed, the bright blue fluorescence stopped, but the diamond continued to glow in a peachy orange colour.