Thursday, 16 August 2018

Chameleon Diamonds

The rarity of chameleon diamonds is due to their unusual ability to change color temporarily when heated to about 150°C, or after prolonged storage in the dark.

Chameleon diamonds will show different colors if observed under halogen light, incandescent light and daylight. If Chameleon diamonds are exposed to heat they can change to a greenish-yellowish color very quickly and when they cool down and stabilize their normal color will return; this is known as thermochroism.
With all natural fancy color diamonds, an element other than carbon has made its way into the diamond which results in a new color.
In the case of Chameleon diamonds, an excess of hydrogen and a small amount of nitrogen has entered the diamond and this creates the unique colour-changing property. Most Chameleon Diamonds return to a green shade after exposure to heat or light. These diamonds usually fluoresce yellow. They often take on a strong red glow when they are being polished.
The Chopard Chameleon Diamond is a 31.32 carat oval-cut chameleon diamond and the largest known.
8.04 carat radiant cut “fancy dark grey green chameleon”. It is valued at $2,100,000

0.49 Carat VS1 Pear Shape Fancy Dark Chameleon Diamond

0.50 Carat Cushion Fancy Deep Chameleon Diamond

0.52 carat Fancy Deep brownish Greenish-Yellow Chameleon diamond.