Friday 4 February 2022

Spider by Fabergé

A black widow Fabergé brooch could easily be worth $80,000-$150,000 or more at auction, if it were real.
Fabergé Spider Brooch? So you were watching Pawn Stars and couldn't believe it when a woman came in with a platinum and diamond encrusted Fabergé spider brooch looking for $2,000 and ended up getting a whooping $15k?

How much is an authentic Fabergé spider brooch going for these days?

The Fabergé workshop of St Petersberg in 1910
The Fabergé company, officially "The House of Fabergé", has spoken out about the possible Fabergé spider brooch. In an email sent to 'Time', a spokeswoman for the company called the reports of a new Fabergé spider brooch “untrue and unfounded,” claiming the eight-legged brooch does “not fit into the luxury jeweler’s creative vision.”
Fabergé, however, does not have complete records on the company.