Sunday, 10 September 2017

Richest Animals in the World

Tinker was eight years old when she met her owner, Margaret Layne. The elderly woman had no children and an estate valued at £586,000. When she died, the feline’s loyalty was repaid, as the stray has was left with a large house in north London and a £100,000 trust fund.

When socialite Leona Hemsley died, Trouble caused nothing but trouble. Hemsley’s heirs contested her will in court to stop her dog from picking up $12 million of the fortune. They were concerned that the decision might have been made out of poor judgment caused by mental health problems. A judge later ruled that the beloved dog would only receive $2 million. Before Trouble died in 2011, there were threats to kidnap him, leading to the hiring of a full-time security guard.
Gigoo the hen has a $10 million net worth, thanks to publishing mogul owner Miles Blackwell. He and his wife Briony decided to pass it on to their bird-brained, feathered friend.

Maria Assunta rescued a stray cat from the streets of Rome. The widow of an Italian property tycoon transferred her $13 million net worth to Tommaso including all her cash and real estate in Rome, Milan and Calabria.
Kalu. Kalu lives on her owner’s estate in South Africa, owns another mansion and farm in Australia and was set to inherit at least another $90 million. It was later on discovered Kalu was going to receive all her owner's wealth, as she wanted to spite her husband and make sure he doesn’t get a cent of her fortune.

Toby Rimes. There is not much to say about this canine, except the poodle is $92 million richer than the rest of us. The dog was adored by owner Ella Wendel, the heiress of a multi-million dollar real estate fortune.
Gunther the Fourth, the richest animal in the world has a fortune of $373 million. Gunther’s father, Gunther the Third, was the pet of wealthy German countess, Karlotta Liebenstein, and upon her death was sole inheritor of her entire fortune.

Billionaire Oprah Winfrey is planning on bequeathing her dogs a sum of $30 million for their care.

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