Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Rare Gemstones II

Red Beryl Emerald is found in the Thomas Range and the Wah Wah Mountains of Utah. It occurs on rhyolite where it crystallizes under low pressure and high temperature along fractures or cavities of volcanic rhyolitic magma. Very few cut specimens exist.
Musgravite is a silicate mineral whose 3 main ingredients are beryllium (Be), magnesium (Mg) and aluminum (Al).

It was first found in the Musgrave area in Australia in 1993. Musgravite has been found in Greenland and Madagascar, but neither produces gem quality material. Two pieces of faceted gem-quality musgravite came from Sri Lanka in the mid 90s.
Grandidierite is a bluish green mineral found primarily in Madagascar. The first faceted specimen came from Sri Lanka.

The crystal is trichroic, transmitting blue, green and white light.
Painite was first discovered in the early 1950s in Myanmar.(Burma) Before 2005 less than 25 crystals were known, more have been unearthed since.
Garnets are found in many colors including colorless. The rarest of them all is the blue garnet, first seen in the late 1990s in Bekily, Madagascar. It changes color from blue-green in the daylight to purple in incandescent light due to it's high vanadium content. A 4.2 carat blue garnet gem sold at auction in 2003 for $6.8 Million.
Serendibite is a cyan colored stone that comes from Sri Lanka and Burma exclusively. It is composed of a complex formula of calcium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, boron and oxygen. There were only three faceted (cut) specimens in existance ... of 0.35 carats, 0.55 carats and 0.56 carats.
Very few red diamonds have ever been found. One in every hundred million diamonds is a natural red colour. The Moussaieff Red is the largest Fancy Red diamond in the world at 5.11 carats. Discovered by a Brazilian farmer in the 1990s, the rough stone weighed 13.9 carats. The triangular brilliant cut stone was sold in 2001 for around $8 million. It is valued today at over $10 million.

The Rob Red Diamond is 0.59 carats and it still holds a special place in the diamond world. Rob Red is rated as the most intense red diamond ever discovered.
Jadeite is found in the Motagua Valley, Guatemala, and was used by the Olmec and Maya. Typically, the most highly valued colors of jadeite are the most intensely green, translucent varieties. The record price for a single piece of jadeite jewelry was set at the November 1997 Christie’s Hong Kong auction. The “Doubly Fortunate” necklace of 27 .5 mm jadeite beads sold for US$9.3 million.