Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Boucheron’s Holographique high jewelry collection

The root of the word holograph, citing its Greek origin, with holos meaning “whole” and graphein meaning “written,” interpreted as everything written or “to represent everything.” “Illusion” cocktail rings showcase grand Australian and Ethiopian opal center stones.

Friday, 3 December 2021

Rio Tinto 2015 Tender

Argyle Spectre™ — A 1.93-carat fancy vivid purplish pink shield-shaped diamond.
Ultra-Rare Fancy Red Diamonds are among Five ‘Hero’ Diamonds Unveiled by Rio Tinto at the 2015 Tender. The 2015 Tender, known as the “Connoisseur’s Collection,” comprised 65 diamonds weighing a total of 44.14 carats. The diamonds come from Rio Tinto’s Argyle Mine in Western Australia, and represent the company’s absolute best red and pink gems from its yearly production.

Argyle Prima™ — A 1.20-carat fancy red pear-shaped diamond.
The finest quality fancy red diamonds can easily sell for $1 million or more per carat. “This collection is one of the most beautiful in the history of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender,” said Rio Tinto Diamonds & Minerals chief executive Alan Davies. “This year’s Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender is testament to this extraordinary mine that continues to produce the world’s most-sought-after gems.”
Argyle Aurora™ — A 1.47-carat fancy red oval-shaped diamond

Argyle Allegro™ — A 0.79-carat fancy red radiant-shaped diamond
Launched in Sydney the 2015 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender moved on to Perth, Hong Kong and New York, with bids closing on 21 October 2015. The Argyle Prima is the largest Fancy Red diamond of SI1 clarity seen in the tender’s 31 years, and the Argyle Aurora is the second largest Fancy Red diamond ever offered in tender history.

Argyle Élevé™ — A 1.44-carat fancy intense pink emerald-shaped diamond

Coloured Diamonds shine at Christies

The Perfect Palette,’ a trio of colored diamonds collectively achieved $8,370,000. Each stone surpassed initial estimates. The fancy vivid purplish pink diamond ring of 2.17 carats sold for $3,510,000; the fancy vivid blue diamond ring of 2.13 carats realizing $2,670,000; and the fancy vivid orange diamond ring of 2.34 carats made $2,190,000. The New York April Magnificent Jewels sale offered over 200 lots, highlighted by colored diamonds.
Fancy vivid blue cut-cornered rectangular modified brilliant-cut diamond of 2.13 carats, round diamonds, platinum. $2.5m to $3m.

Fancy vivid purplish pink cut-cornered square modified brilliant-cut diamond of 2.17 carats, round diamonds, platinum and 18k yellow gold. $1.5m to $2.5m.

Fancy vivid orange cut-cornered rectangular modified brilliant-cut diamond of 2.34 carats, platinum and 18k yellow gold. $1.5m to $2.5m.

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Wallace Chan

Wallace Chan is a Hong Kong-based jeweler known for his imaginative jewelry designs, groundbreaking gem sculpting techniques and the spectacular prices his creations bring.

In 1987, he devised a method of carving designs within a gemstone. The technique uses cameos and intaglios to create a lifelike image. That image is then reflected within the gem to create a three-dimensional effect. A modified dentist's drill is used to make small detailed changes on the stone.

Monday, 29 November 2021

Diamond hearts shine

$3.1m (Red) $1.9m (Orange)

The heart-shape fancy blue, 5.04-carat fancy vivid heart modified brilliant-cut diamond with VS2 clarity made $10.5m and a fancy vivid pink, 4.49-carat heart modified brilliant-cut, internally flawless made $8.1m.

The Graff Venus weighs 118.78 carats, D colour, Type IIA.
The Heart of Eternity is a heart-shaped 27.64 carat fancy vivid blue diamond. Because of its color, size, and clarity, the Heart of Eternity is one the world's most valuable gems. In 2000 it sold for $16m.

The Argyle Amour Diamond weighs 2.61 carats and is the most valuable heart-shaped diamond discovered at the Argyle Diamond mine.

Sunday, 28 November 2021

Red Spinel

Spinel is highly sought after by gem connoisseurs with crystals in high demand among collectors. Red spinel is the most desirable, followed by cobalt-blue spinel, then hot pink and vivid orange stones. The natural stone is often transparent and usually needs no treatment. Its ranking of 8 on the Mohs hardness scale makes it ideal for every type of jewelry.
Red spinel ranges from orangy red to purplish red, with pure red hues the finest. A top quality 5 carat red spinel might sell for a tenth the price of an equivalent ruby. Pink spinel often sells for less than pink sapphire. Prices for the highest quality have exploded in recent years.
The most highly valued blue spinel colors parallel blue sapphire, with intense violet-blue to pure blue colors highly regarded. Eye clean spinel is more valuable than that with inclusions. The more visible the inclusions, the more the value drops.
Larger spinel sizes rise considerably in per-carat price.

Prices rise sharply for fine red, pink, and blue stones above five carats.

Saturday, 27 November 2021

Bejewelled Birds

The Peacock Brooch by Graff boasts 1,305 diamonds weighing a total of 120.81 carats.

At the center is a 20.02 carat fancy deep blue pear-shape diamond. Adorning the tail feathers is an array of white, pink, yellow, orange, green and blue diamonds in various sizes and shapes. The tip of each feather is set with a cluster of white diamonds. The Peacock Brooch can be yours for about $ 100m.
The Walska Briolette Diamond Brooch. The Fancy Vivid Yellow antique briolette diamond weighs 96.62 carats. $10.5 million

Cartier Bird of Paradise Brooch with 20.22-carat pink sapphire and six padparadscha sapphires.

Golecha Bird brooch studded with kundan polki, ruby and emeralds.

Platinum, 18 karat gold, diamond and mystery-set ruby bird brooch, Van Cleef & Arpels, France, 1948

Van Cleef & Arpels mid-20th century 18 karat gold brooch with diamonds and rubies, malachite, onyx.

Tiffany. Kunzite and diamonds.



Van Cleef & Arpels

Buccellati - Eagle Brooch