Friday, 6 April 2018

Hublot Magic Gold

By 2008, the quality that had first made gold popular with craftsmen and artists—its softness and malleability—was irritating watchmaker Hublot. It is now a decade since work began on a new alloy. Hublot was reinvented as the watch of the future: the fusion of traditional savoir-faire with new methods and materials. In 2011 Hublot had made a gold with a hardness of almost 1,000 on the Vickers scale: four times harder than regular 18k gold and almost twice as hard as hardened steel.

Magic gold is the only magic metal on Hublot’s list; it is far from easy to make.
Among other equipment, one needs customized furnaces working at 2,200 degrees Celsius and under 200 bars of pressure, as well as a cold isostatic press working at 2,000 bars.