Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Red Spinel

Spinel is highly sought after by gem connoisseurs with spinel crystals in high demand among collectors. Red spinel is the most desirable, followed by cobalt-blue spinel, then by vibrant hot pink and vivid orange stones.
Red spinel ranges from orangy red to purplish red, with pure red hues the finest. A top quality 5 carat red spinel might sell for a tenth the price of an equivalent ruby. Pink spinel often sells for less than pink sapphire.
The most highly valued blue spinel colors parallel blue sapphire, with intense violet-blue to pure blue colors highly regarded. Eye clean spinel is more valuable than that with inclusions. The more visible the inclusions, the more the value drops.
Larger spinel sizes rise considerably in per-carat price.

Prices rise sharply for fine red, pink, and blue stones above five carats.