Monday, 9 January 2017

Purple Diamonds

Purple diamonds are the result of plastic deformation of a diamond's crystal structure, the same condition that produces red diamonds. In the case of purple diamonds, the color is the result of an unusually high amount of hydrogen.

Purple stones are as equally rare as red diamonds and command the same high prices when they (rarely) appear for sale.
Purple is the colour of royalty, of courage and honor. For hundreds of years, it was the colour of kings, as only royalty could wear purple. Purple heart medals are given to soldiers killed or wounded in action, as a recognition of their bravery and sacrifice.

Pure purple diamonds are nearly impossible to find. Most natural purple diamonds are lightly shaded with hints of pink, red, blue, gray or even brown, tinting the diamond slightly and lowering the overall perceived quality of the gem. Purple diamonds are most commonly found in Australian mines.
The Royal Purple Heart Diamond is the largest Fancy Vivid Purple diamond known to exist. The stone, believed to have originated in Russia, weighs 7.34 carats, has a clarity of I-1, and was cut into its perfect heart shape by the Julius Klein Diamond Corporation. The diamond's current owners are unknown.

Despite its name, the Supreme Purple Heart is a round brilliant cut. Its precise color grade is not known, nor is its clarity. Even its weight is estimated from two to five carats. Like the Royal Purple Heart Diamond, the Supreme Purple Heart's origins have not been confirmed, but most believe it was mined in the Amazon basin within the last 30 years. The diamond's color changes – when viewed from one angle, it appears deep purple, and from another angle looks deep red.
A fancy intense pinkish purple VS2 diamond debuted in 2014.

The 3.37-carat gem, named the “Purple Orchid,” has an asking price of $4 million, or nearly $1.2 million per carat.

Leibish & Co. purchased the South African diamond as a rough of more than 4 carats and spent four months cutting and polishing the gem.

10.09 carat modified cushion cut fancy vivid purple-pink diamond, SI1 clarity. $ 12- $15m

6.89 carat fancy vivid purple pink diamond sold for $6,914,500.

8.41 carat flawless purple pink diamond sold for $17.77 million in 2014.

A 12.95-ct. IF, fancy purple-pink radiant cut diamond engagement ring.