Wednesday, 10 August 2016

World's most expensive Purse - Himalayan Birkin

A Birkin handbag made of white crocodile skin is likely the most expensive purse in the world, after it sold for more than $300,000 in an auction at Christie’s in Hong Kong in late May.

The matte-white crocodile-hide handbag went for $300,168 — well above Christie’s initial price estimate of between $194,000 and $259,000. The handbag is believed to have fetched a higher price than any bag ever sold at auction. Himalayan Birkins—so named because the hide of a Nilo crocodile is laboriously dyed to create a gray and white coloring reminiscent of snow-capped mountains—are some of the most sought-after purses on earth. They include hardware made of 18-karat white gold and diamonds.
Herm├ęs makes only or two of the purses each year. The diamond Himalayan Birkin is very likely the rarest and most desirable handbag in the world.