Sunday, 26 June 2016

Ring that Trump gave to Marla Maples up for auction

A large diamond engagement ring that Donald Trump gave his second wife is going up for auction for an estimated $300,000.

The 7.45-carat emerald-cut, Harry Winston-designed ring is about the size of a postage stamp. Marla Maples sold it at auction after she and Trump divorced in 1999. It fetched $110,000.
Donald Trump has been doling out diamond cuff links but they’re actually worthless fakes. At least three recipients later learned that the glittery gifts were valuable as mementos but nothing else.

Actor Charlie Sheen recently called out The Donald for the ruse, saying Trump once gave him cuff links as a wedding present and boasted that they were platinum diamond Harry Winston. They are actually cheap pewter and bad zirconia. Trump markets his own line of cuff links through his “Donald J. Trump Signature Collection’’ that are made of metal in China and go for as little as $39.99