Saturday, 27 August 2016

Hermann Historica oHG Auction

Munich-based Hermann Historica oHG has affirmed its position as one of the leading auction houses for antiquities, antique arms and armour, firearms, and objects of military history with a highly successful 2016 Spring Auction season.

Top lot of the sale was a highly detailed pair of deluxe silver-mounted flintlock pistols, made in St. Petersburg in 1770 by Ivan Permiak, which sold for 80,000 euros.

Coming in second, with a final price of 52,000 euros against an estimate of 25,000 euros, was the sabre presented to General major Georg Freiherr von Krauchenberg (1776 - 1843)
An intact Illyrian helmet made 21,000 Euros against an estimate of 8,000 euros
8 archer’s rings in jade made 26,000 euros

A visor cap to the tropical uniform for Air Force officers, the so-called "Hermann Maier Hat" from 1942. 2500 euros

A sabre originally gifted to Prince Henry of Prussia (1862 - 1929) sold for 42,000 euros

Late-Gothic crossbow with horn prod, tiller covered in bone inlays, German, 1500. 20,000 euros

An all-metal flintlock wender pistol 18,000 euros.

An Italian silver-inlaid storta, circa 1600. 12000 Euros

A cuirassier’s armor from Nuremberg, circa 1600/1620, 31,000 euros.

A Nazi uniform ensemble for a department leader in the district leadership. 4500 Euros
A Pseudo-Corinthian bronze helmet, forged in Apulia during the fifth to the fourth century B.C. sold for 14,000 euros.

A Southern German late Gothic sallet, Innsbruck, circa 1490. 18,000 euros
Helmet M 1852 for enlisted men and non-commissioned officers of the Royal Bavarian Hartschiere Life Guards sold for 9,000 euros.