Sunday, 20 September 2015

Spinel of Mahenge, Tanzania

In 2007 farmers in Mahenge, Tanzania found a giant spinel crystal weighing 52 kg.
The spinel crystal displayed the vibrant pink color that is now famous from Mahenge Spinel. The crystal was highly included, but large chunks of top quality stone were able to be cobbed off.

Thousands of carats of gem quality gems were cut in Thailand and distributed to the world market. From this point on Mahenge Spinel was thrust into the spotlight as one of the world's most beautiful and vibrant gemstones.
Spinel is highly sought after by gem connoisseurs, and well-formed spinel crystals are in high demand among collectors. Red spinel range from orange-red to purplish red, with pure red considered the finest of all.

A top-quality 5 carat red spinel might sell for around a tenth the price of an equivalent-quality ruby, and pink spinel often sells for less than pink sapphire.

Spinel with pargasite from Mahenge, Tanzania

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